Dr. Shing-Sheng Wu (2nd from left), Orthopedic Surgeon from Shin Kong Hospital in Taiwan, holds samples of Orthopedic supplies donated by Shin Kong Hospital to the Ministry of Health. (Contributed Photo)

Palau’s Ministry of Health (MOH) continues to receive medical support from the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (SKH).

SKH Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Shing-Sheng Wu arrived in Palau on January 02, 2019 and will be on island for two weeks assisting with medical cases related to bones and the skeletal system. He is currently conducting clinics at the Belau National Hospital every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.

Dr. Wu is the Chief of the SKH Division of Spinal Surgery. In addition to specializing in spinal surgeries, Dr. Wu has been practicing medicine for over thirty years. In support of Palau’s medical care capacity, he donated orthopedic supplies to the Belau National Hospital on behalf of Shin Kong Hospital.

Shin Kong Hospital is a renowned medical facility in the Republic of China—Taiwan with specialty departments in over forty (40) medical fields. Since 2007, SKH has a current partnership with the Belau National Hospital and has provided medical assistance through specialist consultations & missions for over ten years. In addition, the hospital has also donated numerous supplies and medical equipment in order to improve the quality of healthcare provided to the people of Palau. SKH also conducts the Taiwan Medical Program which is funded by the Republic of China—Taiwan Government. (PR)