HONIARA (SOLOMON STAR) — Members of the Solomon Islands Media Association (MASI) are attending a three days workshop on strengthening the capacity of journalists to report on the Covid-19 pandemic beginning Tuesday.

The aim of the workshop is to help strengthen the capacity of local journalists on how to report on the Covid-19 pandemic without disseminating false or misleading information to the public.

In her opening remark, MASI president Georgina Kekea said in the fight against Covid-19, the media is often targeted for misreporting, this is not only evident in the Solomon Islands but throughout the globe.

“Misreporting is one of the pandemics instigated from the newsrooms worldwide and with the advances in the digital sphere, the work of journalists is even tougher.

“In addition, it is incumbent on journalists to report on issues accurately and the Covid-19 pandemic is no exception.

“While the role of the media remains unchanged, it is crucial to disseminate the right, factual and accurate information about the pandemic because of the sensitivity and the contagious nature of the virus,” she said.

However, she said it will be easier for the media to report accurately if they have the tools and the know-how.

She said the three days’ workshop aims to equip the capacity of journalists to enable them to report on the Covid-19 issue with confidence and accuracy.

“One of the objectives of MASI is to encourage its members to uphold good journalism ethics by giving factual, accurate, and correct information on issues to which the Covid-19 pandemic is one of them.

“MASI hopes that after the workshop, journalists, reporters, and news presenters will be able to access correct and timely information from the right authorities before disseminating them for public consumption,” she said.

Kekea said demand for correct information is paramount at this time and getting this information from the right people is just as important….. PACNEWS

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