A nation once thriving with life, now lay in rubble. A senseless war lead by a demented and sadistic man under guise of liberating Ukrainians from being “bullied and subjected to acts of genocide by the Ukrainian government”.

Departed souls roaming in tears, in and out of smoke covered buildings and mass graves, grieving for their motherland, families and friends they no longer can hold.

The living scattered in other lands, families torn apart. Undignified and inhumane reign of terror continues to plunder each corner of Ukraine.

A birth to a global economic catastrophe. The world over is feeling the strains of an unprovoked war. A pinch they feel, but life goes on. Roles reversed, one can only imagine.

The strong and the braves are holding on. A fight to the end they must overcome, to one day hoist their flag for the world to see. 

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, a torn and burning nation shall soon be reborn, uniting all its children for all to see. 

Perseverance and determination paved the way for the dearly departed souls, peaceful rest they finally get. 

Sorrowful tears no more, reign of terror all but a memory. Each new dawn brings a new beginning.     God prevails.

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