A special election to elect a representative for Imul hamlet of Aimeliik State, is today, Friday, September 2, 2022.  Two contenders for the seat are Eric Reklai and Laiter Dolmers, close relatives and educators.

The seat was vacated after the untimely passing of the former Imul Legislator Jason Techur Timulch in June of this year.  With more than 180 days remaining in his term, Aimeliik State Constitution mandates that a special election be conducted to fill the vacancy.

Eric Reklai, a 50 years old Vice Principal of George B. Harris Elementary School, has been an educator for 21 years and said it is time to give back to his community.  This is his first foray into politics.

Laiter Dolmers is a retired teacher of George B. Harris Elementary School and a decades-old veteran of Aimeliik State politics. He was one of the framers of the Aimeliik State Constitution.  He served as Legislator of Imul hamlet before he lost to Jason Techur Timulch in the Aimeliik General Election of 2020.

Imul hamlet of Aimeliik, the closest hamlet to Airai State, has the fastest growing population of any other Aimeliik hamlet.  The number of households in Imul hamlet exceeded the number of households of four hamlets combined within the last six years.

It also holds over 4 million square meters of public land in Aimeliik and is the site of the 2 million square meters controversial golf course project, leased by Aimeliik State Public Land Authority to Chinese investors for 99 years.

Aimeliik State law gives the State Legislature the power to appoint one member of the Board of Aimeliik State Public Land Authority, making the role of Imul legislator an influential position.

The central venue for voting is Palau Civic Center in Koror, and the Proper venue is Ngerkeai Community Center in Aimeliik.

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