Today, Tuesday, December 13th, is the special election to elect a senator to fill a vacancy left by the late honorable Senator Regis Akitaya.

Four candidates on the ballot, Ann Singeo, Lentcer Basilius, Salvador “Sadoi” Tellames and Jackson M. Henry are on the ballot, but only one is needed to fill the vacancy.

All four candidates, three males, and one female have met the requirements to run as a candidate for the Senate. 

Each of the four candidates has campaigned extensively in the two short months, battling on foot,  airwaves, and social media to gain the trust of Palau voters.

Votes cast by each voter today, will determine the next representative in the Senate, to serve the two remaining years of the term of the late Senator Akitaya.

The Central Box for all the states is at the Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) in Koror.  See attached list of polling places in the states proper.

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