Joy is peace dancing and peace is joy at rest. ANONYMOUS

On August 13, 2013 I wrote (in my journal) of a scene outside my room that reminded me of the beauty of God’s creation, the nature around me: 

This morning just before dawn, I lay in bed and watched the sun comes up.  I saw a single thread stringing from a spiderweb from the eaves of the roof to the rail around the balcony outside my bedroom. As the sun came up, the snlight shone through that single thread and like a prism – colors of the rainbow appeared in that single thread. Such delicate little thing reflecting the light, transforming into colors that can be seen by humans. It reminded me of God’s amazing grace and mercy. Look at that translucent like a single hair, a string bringing colors to my life.

The spiderweb reminded me of God’s power of love. He reveals his love in little things. I was reminded of these facts – Our wisdom is in our wounds. Our courage and our virtuous strength are often precisely the products of our suffering.

In admitting our weaknesses they become our strength. It is being honest that we find

healing. It is in our healing that we grow and become wiser.

If GOD can make a rainbow ìn that spiderweb —   that was meant to catch its prey, he can change my soul and bring light to my heart. 

The beauty of Jesus is like sunlight dancing on the ripples of the deep blue sea. Like diamonds they sparkle and move with the waves. They multiply when the wind blows.

Slometimes there is peace in the space you’re in.

Peace to you.

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