Screams from people can be heard from the outside of the haunted house at Camp Katuu last weekend and they came out of there running as if their life depended on it. The people that packed the line grew a little more nervous each time they moved a few steps closer to the haunted house.

As soon as a person got to the front of the line they are greeted by a civic action personnel, who tells all the rules before going inside such as no running and don’t touch my “clowns”. For additional effect, one of the clowns came out of the door to give a shoe to the civic action personnel at the door. She “claimed” that it might’ve belonged to a person that went into the haunted house, but didn’t make it out. This proved to be effective on some people and made those that were affected even more anxious about entering.

Civic Action Team have successfully transformed one of their storage units to a dark and scary series of rooms accompanied by terrifying looking clowns along with men wearing Jason (from the horror movie Friday the 13th) masks. Then once people go through the maze of scary rooms, then one last surprise awaited outside. A crazy clown with a chainsaw came out chasing people away.

The haunted house was not the only event that was going on, if someone did not wish to enter the haunted house then they could watch the Addams Family movie which also came with free popcorn. For the kids, the civic action team set up a game that kept them entertained. This event was a two day event and completely free of charge. (Telbakes Yano)