As part of more than 20years of sports for youth development in Palau, the Palau National Olympic Committee and National Sports Federations, held a half day sports partnership working meeting with States’ Governors, on Thursday 18th February at Ming’s Palasia.  The working meeting provided opportunity for the Palau NOC and the respective Governors to share the work of sports for development and youth through the Palau NOC and sports programs, and the various activities through the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  The Palau NOC also presented reports of last year Belau Games and preparation plans for Belau Youth Games and Festival scheduled for this year.  Other presentations included the work of the NOC and sports, support from the Olympic programs, preparation towards upcoming local, regional and international games.   President of the Palau NOC, Frank Kyota emphasized the importance and the role of each State as a partner for youth and community development through sport.The NOC staff also presented to the Governors, the workof Palau Island Sports Education Program (PISEP)that offers training of sports in community administration, coaches training, officials and training affiliated to organizing community events.  The meeting concurrent sessions discussion with Governors helped to improve NOC and sports programs in the future such as education training, Belau Games, Woman and Sports Commission, Athletes, Health and Physical activities, Palau In Motion, and other relevant youth and sports at community activities.    As the working meeting concluded, the NOC presented commemorative medal awards of the 12th Belau Games to all 16 States, a token of an appreciation to all the States’ for their strong commitment, continued partnership, and dedication to youth development through sports and community at the State level and throughout Palau.

Palau National Olympic Committee (PNOC) and all National Sports Federations with all athletes take this opportunity to extend appreciation to all State Governors and all the States’ Youth Representatives for attending the half day working meeting and presentation of sports for youth development.  The following Governors and youth representatives and legislators were presented at this working meeting/workshop:Sherry Koshiba (Aimeliik State),Wanda Adolf and Johnson Joshua (Airai State), Weber Santiago (Angaur State), Governor Huana Nestor and Stella Patris (Hatohobei State), Governor Midas Ngiracheluolu and TadongTadao (Kayangel State), Ivan Blesam (Koror State), Governor Henaro Polloi and Omar Faustino (Melekeok State), Timothy Beketaut (Ngaraard State), BrynnDemei and Galileo Saiske (Ngarchelong State), Governor Johnston B. Ilengelkei and KalsonDulei (Ngardmau State), Legislator Marvin Wasisang and Michael Kyota (Ngeremlengui State), Governor Francesca R. Otong, SweilBlodak, and Vivian Ngirngeterang (Ngatpang State), Legislator Chabi Mai and Eunice Ngotel (Ngchesar State), Legislator BaltonTengoll and Legislator IlabsisNgirakesau (Ngiwal State),Governor TemmyShmull and NgirakerkurDebedLuii (Peleliu State), Governor Laura I. Miles and Lahaina Pedro (Sonsorol State).

The Palau NOC and National Sports Federations were represented by Mr. Frank Kyota, President of Palau NOC, members of Palau NOC Board, Ernestine Rengiil, Laura Mangham, Alonz Moses, John Tarkong, Jr., and Secretary General BaklaiTemengil.  The NOC Staff were Marcy Tellei, KazukiSungino, Stephanie Ngirchoimei, Jayvan Emesiochel, RadleyKazuma, Kenny Reklai, Orachel Watanabe, Peoria Koshiba, Charlie Elis, and Billy Brown.  Other sports representatives were SkarleeRenguul, Carol Ngiradis and Joe Chilton representing sports of Archery, Wrestling, Softball, Baseball, Swimming, Athletics, Canoeing, Tennis and Basketball.

For information about Palau NOC, national sports federations and upcoming sports events, please contact Palau NOC at 488-6562/4491 and talk to JayvanEmesiochel.