Four states install new governments this month with Peleliu State leading by having its new government installed on January 1st. The new governor, Dr. Emais Roberts got sworn in.  Legislature got sworn in but is immediately faced with controversy and a possible lawsuit.

Ngchesar State re-elected its former two-term governor Duane Hideo as their governor again.  A tie between council members Duane Hideo and Jackson Doktok broke after the second round when Doktok voluntarily withdrew his name and Duane was elected Governor.  Ngchesar State, with parliamentarian-style government, only required the already elected legislators and sitting chiefs to elect their governor.

Ngaraard State Legislature was reported to have organized last night with Wilbert Ngirakamerang getting re-seated as a speaker and Marcy Andrew, as a vice speaker, and Dwayne Tochi as Floor Leader.  Their installation will be held on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Koror State’s 12th Government is scheduled for installation next week as well with a new governor-elect Eyos Rudimch and a new legislature.  Names have been bandied about as to who may take the seat of the speaker but as of yesterday, sources say that legislator-elect Millan Isaack has the majority backing him and is a shoo-in for the speakership.

Lastly, Airai State will hold a gubernatorial primary next week to select the final two candidates for governor that will be on the ballot in their March general election.

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