Two friends from Palau move to Guam and one kills the other in a drunken fight.

Brandy Ngiraibai Stephanus has been sentenced to ten years for the death of his coworker Randy Tomei. He was originally sentenced to 12 but the client’s defense Attorney William Jones asked for 8 years. Brandy claimed he and Randy had been drinking earlier that night and got mad at each other over food. The anger escalated when Brandy followed Tomei to his room and he closed the door on him pushing him away. He claimed to have poked him with a knife and moved away from the door.

Mr. Stephanus moved to Guam in 2018 to work with Randy Tomei. There were a lot of problems at the employee compound and the employer was reportedly going to send them back to Palau for several reasons, alcohol being one such factor.

The court found Stephanus to be a remorseful and hardworking religious man. It said in the police report he had called 911, cooperated very well and honestly told that he committed the crime. Stephanus admitted to the murder of Randy Tomei and was very sorry towards the man’s family after spending a year in jail thinking about it.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, a less severe crime than murder. Judge Michael Bordallo sentenced Stephanus to 10 years in prison with credit for time served. Stephanus has spent 377 days in jail. Stephanus will be placed on five years of probation after being released from prison.

Both Brandy Ngiraibai Stephanus and Randy Tomei were recruited and relocated to Guam for better-paying jobs and were living together in a housing compound while working in Guam. (Kerdeu Uong)