The US coast guard along with Palau Marine Law Enforcement rescued a crew of eight stranded on an Indonesian flag boat Hallelujar.

As of Thursday, the boat was being towed by the US coast guard who were on their way to Guam.

The Chief of Staff at Ministry of Justice Earnest Ongidobel said, “The US coast guard found the ship while on their way to Guam. The ship had mechanical problems.”

Ongidobel added that it was a rescue mission and the crew was picked up and examined by medical professionals.

However, Ongidobel is not yet sure if the ship entered the Palau’s water with an intention of illegal fishing.

“We can’t say right now if there will be any charges filed on them,” Ongidobel added.

Ongidobel also said that it is not yet certain if Palau will help the crew fix their boat or if they will be sent back to their respective country.

It is also not certain as of now if the boat had any other suspicious or illegal material on board as irt has not being searched by the authorities.

According to a report by the Pacific Daily News, Hallelujar, was adrift for approximately 10 days without electricity, food, and water. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)