As of Tuesday this week, Presidents Chief Security Officer Clifton Soalablai has been found guilty on counts of theft of a government property and money laundering.

Soalablai has not yet been sentenced and the sentencing hearing was set for September 12. However as Special Prosecutor is scheduled to have an off-island training on September 12, she requested the court to hold hearing before the 12th or on or after September 25th.

In June, Soalablai along with his wife Margie Ngirmidol were charged with money laundering and theft of a government property as Soalablai deposited his pay roll check of $524.71 with a false amount of $52,471 in the Bank of Guam ATM located at BOG Koror branch.

This resulted in transfer of money from government treasury to Soalablai’s personal account.

Ngirmidol plead guilty to theft of a government property and money laundering earlier this month. She has been sentenced to five years of probation out of which first 60 days will be spent in the correctional facility.

Images of step by step ATM procedure was used in the court room as evidence in Clifton Soalablai’s trial. The video recording of Soalablai detected by an ATM machine was also shown in the court.

The branch manager at BOG David Sablan in his testimony said that ATM machine located outside the BOG office was set up two years ago.

Sablan added that he knew the machine detected the check amount automatically when it is deposited but he was unaware that the machine was also capable of giving an amount editing option to the individual.

Sablan discovered this option after Soalablai allegedly entered an incorrect amount resulting in transfer of money from government treasury into Soalablai’s own personal account.

Sablan’s testimony disclosed that there has been no update in the system after Soalablai incident. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)