Upset parents of Mindzenty High School students showed up at Mindzenty High School on Wednesday this week to find out how problems with students have escalated to a point where a student was stabbed multiple times and most of the parents were not aware of the dire situation.

The day before, a Mindzenty High School student was stabbed multiple times in a fight incident with teenage boys across from WCTC Kwik Mart at the Topside area.  According to a source knowledgeable about the case, the teenage boy was stabbed three (3) times.  The stab wounds were large and were close to major organs but fortunately, none was fatal.

The two who were reportedly involved with the stabbing were brought with their parents to jail.  Both victims and perpetrators are minors and names could not be revealed.

The stabbing is just one of the incidents that have been occurring every week at or near the school. Reports of guys with shirts tied around their faces hiding their identity that showed up at school and hitting people indiscriminately.  Additionally,  a report of a female student driving by and someone throwing a rock at the vehicle missing the open window, and hitting the driver’s side of the door.  There were just some of the reported incidents resulting from some retaliatory infighting among students.

Director Ishmael Aguon of the Bureau of Public Safety said that this was a “massive” problem and has been going on for at least two years.  “Some of those involved have already graduated, “ added Aguon. They have not been able to identify a specific cause of the problem or the initial perpetrators.  “We have had to do an intervention but it didn’t work.”  The only way to resolve the issue now is to bring those involved to court.

Meanwhile, according to reports, police have been dispatched to school, posted at school during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Investigation of the matter is now with Office of Criminal Investigation revealed Aguon.

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