As part of Catholic Schools Week activities, 250 students of the Maris Stella Elementary school packed the Mindszenty Gym on Tuesday to learn about the Palau Pledge, a national effort created to educate tourists on how to experience Palau in a way that respects the country’s culture and environment.

The pledge required the tourists to sign a vow to the children of Palau which stated that they shall “tread lightly, explore mindfully, and not take what is not given.”


Students were excited to watch the Palau Pledge in-flight video that features a big purple giant who visits Palau. The giant, which represents mass tourism, steps on coral, takes things from the ocean to eat them, and litters. Throughout the short video, Palauan children try to educate the giant on the right thing to do.

At the end of the presentation, Maris Stella students, led by First Lady Debbie Remengesau, stood up to recite the Palau Pledge and also signed their name to it.

The Palau Conservation Society (PCS) and the Palau Legacy Team look forward to visiting more schools in the coming months to promote the Palau Pledge and get more students and their families to get involved in the effort.

One big way where students can participate is by taking the Palau Pledge Challenge.

The Palau Pledge Challenge is a competition that encourages youth from throughout Palau to step up and take action to protect their environment.

Big and small teams composed of grades 1 to 12 students can compete and a $500 grand prize awaits the team that comes up with the best conservation project.

The deadline for entry is on April 1.

Find more information on the Palau Conservation Society Facebook page or by calling or visiting the office: or 488-3993. [/restrict]