By Rhealyn C. Pojas

Ngaraard State Governor Benjamin Iskawa had signed the Budget Bill appropriating an amount worth $200,000 for the state operations and expenses.

The bill, which was signed by the governor yesterday, January 29 at the Longshoremen restaurant in Malakal, was the first bill passed into law by the 10th government of Ngaraard State.


Among the key people and witnesses who attended the signing of the bill were Madrangebuked Thomas Remengesau, Sr. and Ngirarois Francis Kiep of the Rubekul and the speaker and members of the Assembly.

The bill, which is now passed into Ngaraard State Public Law No. 10-1-1R, D1, is the unified budget for the State covering only the six-month operations and expenses for this year since there was a scheduled State Election this coming November.

The 9th Ngaraard State Government had appropriated the interim budget last September 2017.

Governor Iskawa was sworn to office during Ngaraard State’s Constitutional Day on January 12, 2018 at the Court House.

During the signing of the bill, the governor also discussed with the Inauguration Committee and State personnel some matters concerning his inauguration which was slated on February 2 at the Ngaraard State Building compound.

The committee had already sent invitations to the officials of the National with State and diplomatic corps including friends with the people of Ngaraard.

In a press statement sent to Island Times, the state’s 2017 year-end celebration is also said to be celebrated during the inauguration.

The people of Peleliu State are also invited to the Inauguration ceremony in Babedaob.

Ngaraard and Peleliu had forged special relationship many decades ago even before and after the Pacific war which was “cemented from ‘Klechedaol’ a few years back building a strong and robust bondage between the two states, the press statement read.

“Obakerdelolk Isao Singeo from Peleliu will be joining with Madrangebuked Thomas Remengesau, Sr. and various officials at the platform,” it added. [/restrict]