It was a very productive day for the Heirs to Our Ocean’s  Underwater Learning Excursion Learning Day.

This day of activity is to advocate for outdoor classroom and have our local palauan youth expose themselves to the environment and ocean that surrounds and gives home.

64 students from all high schools and elementary schools participated  in three ocean activities where they learn more about the ocean as well as the animals that live within it. 

Heirs to Our Ocean provided three activities which were, snorkeling at jellyfish lake with Coral Reef Foundation where students helped scientist collect data on the lake and jellyfish and have them present amongst each other on their finds, paddling at Nikko Bay with Palau Paddling learning about Fuana and Flora growing around the bay since the impact of World War and about the geology of the island and lastly snorkeling at Ulong and learning about coral and fish farming at Biota.

Heirs to Our Ocean coordinator leader Olilai Chilton said, “I am so glad this day was a success and thankful to everyone who made this day possible. It was the first time to have an event like,  so we know what needs to better such as the servings of food so there wouldn’t be so much leftover and the number of people who actually confirmed their attendance so that the amount of supplies don’t surpass the amount of people.”

Asking the kids of today they said they  had so much fun just taking the day from school and being outdoors and communicating doing hands on learning.  Heirs to our ocean would like to thank everyone sponsors and supporters for making this possible.Thanks to all the sponsors Ministry of Health, Office of the president, Palau Community College, IR and Company, Palau Conservation Society, Surangel and Sons Co. Senator Uduch, Koror State Government, Palau Visitors Authoriy Palau Community College, and Ministry of Natural Resource, Environment and Tourism.

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