With school out for summer, the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) hosted the Summer Breakout Night Market on Friday, May 25th, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Ernguul Central Park.

Featuring Palau High School Freshman Class and Theater & Arts Club, as well as the Belau Modekngei School, the students provided performances, including the Traditional Women’s Dance (Delal a Ngloik) and Contemporary Dance by Belau Modekngei School, as well as Matmatong and Hip Hop by Palau High School.

The Palau Pledge song was also performed by the Palau High School Students. The effort and preparation of these performances was outstanding and PVA would like to thank both schools for added bonus entertainment which went well past the usual Night Market closing time.

The live band entertainments were special guests Maya Jean & Alomar Osima, together with Colby Ngotel. Cultural demonstrations and side events included a Weaving Demonstration by Ms. Remurang Renguul, Carving Demonstration by Mr. Joseph Lee Mad, Face Art by Ms. Elsei Tellei and Palau Pottery by Ms. Meked Besebes. You can view highlights from the May 25th Night Market on the Pristine Paradise Palau Facebook page.

As a mingling venue for tourists and locals, the Night Markets were created to provide a place for small business owners to sell and display their products, including local handicrafts, food and snacks, clothing and other gift ideas. At the May 25th Night Market, a total of $8,394.50 in good and snacks was sold to a total of 1,666 visitors (555 tourists and 1,111 local) by 22 vendors. Night Markets also provide a stage for new talent to sing or dance in the community. If you would like to sell or display your products, or would like to perform, please contact Api or Marvin at 488-1930/2793. The next Night Market will be Friday, June 8th, so vendors kindly reserve your space by 4:00pm, Thursday, June 7th.