After years of promoting hundreds of Chamoru and Guam-themed products on, and self-publishing Pacific Island-themed cultural books for children and adults that have been read by thousands, Gerard­­ and Mary Aflague ,authors and former long-time residents of Guam have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new 350+page hard cover book they seek to publish about Chamoru culture and cuisine.

Art fully designed in a modern motif, the Aflagues have al readyspent over 11 months planning, designing, writing, cooking, and photo graphing significant portion of content for their book, with many months of work remaining until its completion.

In their book, Gerard shares lifeless sons and memories of his Chamoru heritage, from family to faith. Gerard’s wife, Mary, shares her experiences living and growing upon Guam and marrying into a Chamoru family, and recall show Chamoru culture has touched her life. They share rich stories of culture and family woven throughout, and in corporate many old photographs of Guam’s past and more.

Their book will offer over 100 Chamoru fiesta and home-style recipes passed down from generations, from friends and family, and will include selected recipes they’ve learned over the years. They will also introduce a few new recipes that work well with Chamoru culinary fare. Each recipe they plan to feature will include vivid food photography.

The co-authors are collaborating with a Chamoru cultural professor and language expert from the University of Guam Micronesian Area Research Center. Additionally, they have selected an editor from the University of Guam Press.

Gerard Aflague says that“as entrepreneurs, home-style cooks and Pacific Islanders, we’ve identified an opportunity in the global looks pace to fill niche. We think we have the passion, patience and creativity to develop an educational and culinary resource that shares our unique and little-known ancient Chamoru culture and delicious native cuisine in book we hope will beloved by many around the world.”

The Aflagues continue to seek pledges from the public to be able to reach their financial goal. To pledge and reserve a copy of their book, please visit and search for“ Chamoru Cuisine”. The Kickstarter campaign will run for 60 days and ends on August 4,2019. is a crowd funding campaign website. If the goal is not met by August 4, 2019, all pledgers will receive an email advising that their pledge will not be processed. As a result of pledges being canceled, any awards that were selected by pledgers, including any books or other items as part of the package, will not be fulfilled. (PR)