A Surangel and Sons Company tugboat that was stuck at Angaur dock has been successfully removed.
Originally heading towards Koror, the Surangel and Son’s tugboat was towing a barge loaded with 100 tons of heavy equipment until a series of large waves pushed it towards a rock wall where it eventually landed on big rocks at the Angaur State Dock.
A series of holes were found at the bottom of the tugboat making it immovable without assistance.
The incident which happened on early morning August 31st was reported to Environmental Quality Protection Board CEO SiualBlesam by Contractor Mason Whipps along with their plan to remove the tugboat as soon as possible.
A response team made up of staff from EQPB and Bureau of Marine Transportation were dispatched to assess the damage caused by the incident.
The response team found no oil spill in the surrounding waters, but there was approximately 7,000 gallons of fuel found in the vessel.
To ensure that there would be no oil spill, Surangel and Son’s Company used its fuel tanker truck that was on island to pump out the fuel from the tugboat. Afterwards, the fuel was stored in the fuel tanks of the Angaur Power Plant.
Surangel and Sons Company hired a PTC tug boat to assist with pulling the boat ashore. When evening came and it started becoming high tide, the tugboat was successfully moved where repairs will be done immediately.
According to Mason Whipps, the tugboat should be ready to travel back to Koror by the end of the week.
A notice of violation will be issued to Surangel and Son’s Company, however their quick actions to contain and minimize damage will be considered in the review of this incident,
EQPB has the authority to issue a notice of violation or fine to any person, company, or agency whose activities result in damage to the environment.
EQPB CEO SiualBlesam mentioned that incidents do happen and at times the cause may be mother nature or the neglect of men.
She went on to say that many factors must be considered when planning activities including weather, tide, and the safety of equipment as well as employees.

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