New Surangel Superstore to open soon in Ngetkib, Airai.

Surangel and Sons Company is aiming to open the supermarket in Airai by the end of August this year.

Originally set to debut in 2020,  Eric Whipps, CEO of Surangel and Sons Company said there had been delays in the construction of the building due to “issues in equipment and technical staff.”

The store will be called Surangel Superstore, which is located in Ngetkib, Airai.   

Surangel and Sons Co. is a locally owned business that has expanded through the years, from a small grocery store to hardware store, clothing, construction, travel agency, printing, and salon.

In earlier interviews, Whipps said the new store is expected to hire more locals and provide consumers a bigger space to shop, and park.

The new store will also house a wider selection of items and food and commercial spaces for rent. 

Whipps said the construction is already over 50 percent done and the front of the building is designed to look like a canoe’s outrigger.  It is said to be the first building in Palau to have an escalator.

He said that like other businesses in Palau, COVID-19 related border closure has also impacted the company, with drop in revenues. 

The good news though, the company has not laid off any workers as a result of the pandemic.

The company is also looking into offering online purchases to its customers. 

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