On Friday September 18th, Sureor Gym hosted its first bench pressing competition and have awarded the winners for the men and women categories.

Winning 3rd place in the men’s categoriy was Jeremy Nakamura who bench pressed 304 lbs. Coming in 2nd place was Stalin Stanley with a total of 314 lbs. lifted. Benedict Kintaro came in 1st place with a lift of 385lbs.

In the women’s category, 2 were tied for 3rd place, Lyza Gepty and Sharon Patris who lifted 105lbs. 2nd place also ended in a tie, Cheryl Patris and Bianca Skiwo lifted 115 lbs. 1st place went to Rebecca Sullivan, who lifted 165 lbs.

The 3rd and 2nd place winners for men as well as women are given free membership cards with 3rd place winners granted 1-month free usage of the gym while 2nd place are given 2 months’ free membership. However, 1st place winners not only left with a 3-month free membership card but also a glass trophy custom made by Koror State Solid Waste Management.

Sureor Gym are very pleased with the outcome of the competition and is planning for future competitions to take place. This event was sponsored By Belau Wellness Center and Belau Medical Clinic. 

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