Unofficial results from the Palau Election Commission shows incumbent Angaur Governor KenosukeSuzuky leading the primary election for governor of Angaur with NatusMisech coming second and Warren Fukuichi in third place.
Suzuky and Misech will now be on the ballot in the upcoming Angaur general election this November.
Out of total 451 registered voters, 183, less than half of registered voters casted their votes. Only 48 absentee ballots were sent out.
Suzuky is a first term governor and Angaur government has two-year terms, which means they elect their government every two years.
Angaur has been recipient of huge infrastructure improvements this past year with over $2 million improvement to its port which was damaged during one of the past typhoons. Just last week, it received a first major improvement to its airport runway by the US military and was certified as C-130 capable.
Angaur is also a site of the new US military radar sites and radio towers used in the United States Aerial Domain Awareness (ADA) program.

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