The delegation from Taipei Medical Association and Shin Kong Hospital with representatives from Palau during the donation ceremony at Belau National Hospital.

September 11, 2023- On Wednesday, September 07, 2023 the Taipei Medical Association (TMA) presented a donation at the Belau National Hospital.  The donation of $1,000,000 NTD (about $33,333 USD) was given in support of the Palau Diabetes Prevention Funds.  In addition, members of the association held presentations highlighting their medical experiences with NCDs and the NCD prevention efforts of Taiwan.  The group also toured Belau National Hospital and visited the new Telemedicine Center which was funded by the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (SKH).

Members of the Taipei Medical Association who attended the ceremony included Dr. Shiow-wen Liou, Dr. Te-jen Hong, Dr. Yung-zen Lin, Dr. Da-chen Chu, Dr. Mon-yuang Chang, Dr. Shang-jyh Kao, Dr. Yu-Ching Chou, Dr. San-lang Wang, Dr. Yuan-chung Lo, Dr. Ching-sen Yang, Ms. Yu-chin Shin, and Ms. Mei-chuan Chen.  Also in attendance was President of the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital Dr. Sheng- mou Hou.

Guests in attendance included Republic of Palau Vice President & Minister of Justice Honorable J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior, Ambassador of the Republic of China–Taiwan to the Republic of Palau Her Excellency Madam Jessica C. Y. Lee, Republic of Palau 11th Olbiil Era Kelulau (11th  OEK) Airai State Delegate & Chair of the House of Delegates Committee on Health, Social & Cultural Affairs Madam Victoria Ngiratkakl-Kanai, Palau Minister of Health & Human Services (MHHS) Honorable Gaafar J. Uherbelau, MHHS Director of Clinical Services Dr. Ngirachisau Mekoll, MHHS Director of Public Health & Human Services Sherilynn Madraisau, MHHS Director of Health System

Administration Arnice Y. Yuji, Palau Diabetes Community Ambassador Santy Asanuma, MHHS Chief of Nursing Antonnette Merur, and Belau National Hospital Administrator Darnelle Worswick.

Established in 1946, the Taipei Medical Association is a group of physicians who are licensed to practice medicine in the city of Taipei   in Taiwan.  Members are specialized in various fields of medicine and have extensive medical backgrounds.  The group supports the propagation of medical ethics, development of medical science & knowledge, promotion of public health, and the improvement of social welfare for all.

The donation ceremony was organized through the collaborative partnership of the Taipei Medical Association, the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, and the Belau National Hospital.  The Ministry of Health & Human Services expresses its gratitude to the Taipei Medical Association and the Shin Kong Hospital for the continued medical care & assistance they provide the people of Palau.  We appreciate your continuous support and look forward to working together in future endeavors.

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