The second tranche of 2021 Economic Stimulus Grant from Republic of China (Taiwan) was delivered by Ambassador Jessica Lee to Minister of Finance Kaleb Udui, Jr. on August 25.

26 Funded projects in this action are: Aimeliik Meltelatel Road Improvements, Aimeliik Mongami Road Improvements, Aimeliik Tebadell Waterline Connection, Aimeliik Nekken-PPUC Power Plant Road Design and Construction, Kayangel Dock Waiting House Construction, Kayangel Dock Repairs and Improvements, Melekeok Capital-Techobei Road Improvements, Ngaraard Elab-Ulimang Road Improvements, Ngaraard Kuabs Road and Parking Lot Improvements, Ngatpang Mechebechubel-Nekken Road Improvements, Ngatpang Nekken-Mechebechubel Road Improvements, Ngatpang Ibobang Road Improvements, Ngchesar Shimizu Road Improvements, Ngchesar Ngersuul Road Improvements, Ngchesar Karmaliang Road Improvements, Ngchesar Taberngesang Road Improvements, Ngeremlengui Residential Areas Waterline Expansion and Improvements, Ngiwal Road Construction and Improvements, New Correctional Facility Construction, Ministry of Health Long-Term Health Care Facility, Palau High School Classroom Climate Control Project, ROP UN Representation Office Property Purchase, National Archive Building Improvements, BNH Public Health Road & Parking Resurfacing Project and Custom Palau International Airport Inspection Facility Project. The total grant amount was around 8.17 million.

Taiwan Government is happy to assist Palau in its national development and remains committed to deepening the relationship with Palau through varieties of cooperation projects.

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