Photo of Ambassador Wallace M.G. Chow, Director General Dr. Ngirachisau Mekolland the attendees.

A brief handover occurred at the Belau National Hospital on Friday August 21st between Taiwan and Palau.

Taiwan has donated 5 ventilators, 500 face shields, and 200 kilograms of 75% rubbing alcohol donated by a Taiwanese company.

Ambassador Wallace Chow disclosed that one of his friends is the owner of the Taiwanese company that donated to Palau.

Ambassador Wallace Chow handed the items to Director Dr. NgirachisauMekoll who received them on behalf of the Belau National Hospital.

According to the COVID-19 Situation Report from the Ministry of Health, as of August 24th, Belau National Hospital has a total of 30 ventilators.

There are 5 portable vents, 2 pediatric vents, 18 adult vents, and 5 in calibration.

“Taiwan will keep working with its brotherly country, Palau to face the “new normal” in the post-pandemic era” stated in the Embassy of Taiwan Press Release.

It went on to say that “the two countries will work together to resume essential air service and revive the economy.”

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