Palau government held a ceremony of Taiwan Embassy’s handing over of two multi-purpose boats to Ministry of Justice. President Surangel Whipps, Jr., Vice President and Minister of Justice J. Uduch Sengebau Senior and Ambassador Jessica C. Lee gave special remarks at the ceremony. Vice Senate President, Vice Speaker, Ministers, Rekai, Chiefs and Chief Justice attended the ceremony.
In Prsident Surangel’s remarks, he expressed gratitude to Taiwan’s donation of two vessels and welcomed the delegation of Taiwan Coast Guard Administration. Both Taiwan and Palau are democratic countries and the cooperation extended to the ocean. He visited Taiwan in March this year and called on the vessel manufacturer. So he learned the solidity of the boats. The cabins were also slightly modified according to Palau’s need. They can provide efficient humanitarian assistance for the remote off-shore islands.
In Ambassador Lee’s remarks, she expressed that Taiwan is proud to be Palau’s partner in many fields, such as medical and public health, education, food security and other economic development projects. On top of these, Taiwan and Palau are also partners in maritime security and marine resources conservation. The Taiwan Coast Guard and Palau Maritime Security Force have conducted successful joint exercise on the Search and Rescue Operation (SAR) on the 2nd of November and another 3-days-joint surveillance and patrol on the high seas will start from the day after tomorrow. The joint patrol will send the message to the world that Taiwan, Palau and other like-minded countries will safeguard the maritime security, peace and rules-based international order in the Pacific.
Ambassador added that Taiwan and Palau signed the Maritime Cooperation Agreement in the year of 2019, however the joint efforts keep the maritime safe have started decades ago. In the year of 2008, Palau Maritime Police patrol vessel “No. 001” helped us to search, seize and detain a Taiwanese fishing boat oh the high seas, which was hijacked by Indonesian crew members and the Taiwanese Skipper was killed. Because of the Palau Maritime Police’s assistance, Taiwan Coast Guard patrol vessel “Hsun Hu No.1” could later bring them back to Taiwan for investigation. Today, those who participated in the pursuit case are reunited at the joint exercise mentioned above. The case shows the long lasting friendship of both sides on maritime security.
After the special remarks, Vice President Senior hosted the handing over ceremony. She also announce that Taiwan Cost Guard Administration will dispatch a patrol ship to help conduct patrol and maintain the maritime security during the Our Ocean Conference scheduled to be held in February next year. Both sides exchanged souvenirs.
After the handover ceremony, President steered the boat and invited Ambassador to ride together. He praised the boats possess both speed and steadiness. Upon the completion of the boats, President Whipps, Jr. had the Palauan names “ Elideuid” and “Bisebusch” painted on them. The names meant as fast as the thunder.

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