The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) have the distinct honor and privilege of introducing the Taiwan Gender Equality Week on International Women’s Day. The two main events of the program have invited Vice President H. E. Jerrlyn Uduch Sengebau Senior to deliver pre-recorded remarks on the Women’s Power Night reception, and the Executive Director of Ebiil Society, Ann Singer, will be the speaker of the Climate Justice Leaders Forum on Mar 15 to share Palau’s experience on the webinar.

The Embassy held a reception on March 8 to watch the live stream of the Women’s Power Night reception together with the distinguished guests including: the Vice President, Senator, Rukebai Inabo, Former First Lady, Debbie Remengesau, Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil, Chief of Staff, Roxanne Siual Blesam, KSG Vice Speaker, Marie Anderson Nabeyama, Executive Director of Ebiil Society, Ann Singer, and Ebiil Society Research Coordinator, Elchung Hideyos.

Ambassador Jessica Lee stated that gender equality today is for a sustainable tomorrow. She expressed her appreciation to the contributions and participations to the gender equality and environment protection from the female leaders attending the reception, especially to the Vice President and Executive Director Singeo for taking time to share Palau’s experience with world leaders. “Palau Pledge” is a successful example of women’s participation as a collective unit of changing the world.

Vice President stated that she expects more women to be able to join the OEK in the future to demonstrate women’s executive power and resilience. The former First Lady said that she is glad to see that more and more people are paying attention to gender equality and expecting women to develop their talents in different professions.

Together, Taiwan and Palau demonstrate the creativity, resilience, and activism of women from the two countries. The Climate Justice Leaders Forum will be broadcast live simultaneously on the Facebook page of the Embassy. Welcome to tune in!

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