ROC donates $150k to support police K9 Program

Implements Police Cooperation Agreement between ROC and Palau

 The Republic of China-Taiwan, through its Ambassador Jessica Lee, handed over $150K dollars to the Palau government in support of the country’s police K9 Program.

“It is important for us, the governments and the people, to work together to combat transnational crimes,” explained Ambassador Jessica Lee of the reason Taiwan supports the K9 Program.  “With globalization, transnational crimes are everywhere,” said Lee, who added that this was also a good start to implementing the Police Cooperation Agreement that the Republic of China – Taiwan and Palau executed in 2017.

The funds will be used for veterinarian services for the 8 K9s in the program, including dog food, fuel, and other program needs.

The K9s are used to detect illegal drugs at the borders, and BPS Director Levitre said they would also be used in schools for deterrence and traffic stops in case of unusual behavior.   Mr. Levitre said he is working with banks to train the dogs to sniff out undeclared cash at the borders.

President Whipps said that strengthening the K9 Program will help secure the country’s borders and keep drugs off the streets.

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