By: L.N. Reklai

October 6, 2016 (Koror) Republic of China (Taiwan) 105th Independence anniversary was commemorated last night by citizens of the Republic of China in Palau, led by His Excellency Ambassador Michael Tseng and witnessed by the President of the Republic of Palau Tommy Remengesau Jr. and local dignitaries.


“Politically, Taiwan enjoys a vibrant democracy and this did not come easy for us, that is why we, Taiwanese people, treasure it very much,” stated Ambassador Michael Tseng, ROC Ambassador to the Republic of Palau.

“Taiwan and Palau share the same core values, democracy, freedom and rule of Law. We thank the people of Palau for their support of Taiwan’s stance in ICAO, WHO and other international organizations,” added His Excellency Ambassador Tseng.

Marking this 105th Anniversary, Ambassador Tseng reported some of Taiwan’s notable achievements.

“Politically, we enjoy a vibrant democratic government that upholds the rule of Law.  Economically, Taiwan is ranked as the 27th largest economy in the world and 5th in having the highest reserve,” reported Ambassador Tseng.

Taiwan is also ranked 3rd in Asia for business competitiveness and 4th in Asia for economic freedom and 14th in the world. In advance of environment for business, it is ranked 3rd in the world, according to international reports cited by Tseng.

On the issue of social equity, Taiwan, is ranked on the top 5 of UNDP’s criteria for gender equity with 38% of women participating in all aspects of life in Taiwan.

Ambassador Tseng cited ROC President Tsai Ing-Wei, the first female President who delivered an apology to Taiwan’s indigenous people’s for enduring over 400 years of oppression.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of Palau have had diplomatic relationship for 17 years and in that time, they have been more than just diplomatic allies but also “diplomatic brothers” as President Remengesau Jr. had coined at the first meeting with Ambassador Tseng.

Minister of State Billy Kuartei, on behalf of President Remengesau, expressed Palau’s appreciation and congratulatory remarks to Republic of China’s 105th Independence Anniversary and recognized its close relationship with Palau over the last 17 years.

“The brotherhood that brings us so close together, help us to offer a helping hand without having to be asked,” affirmed ROC Ambassador Tseng. [/restrict]