Taiwan-Palau travel bubble will still proceed despite Palau having acquired its first cases of COVID-19, revealed President Surangel Whipps Jr. at yesterday’s special press briefing.

Because the cases were travel-related cases and not locally transmitted, Taiwan CECC have agreed to continue the travel bubble.

Tourists from Taiwan that travel under the Taiwan/Palau Travel Bubble are mostly unvaccinated tourists that take PCR test at Taiwan airport, 3 hours before boarding a plane to Palau.  They will be able to enjoy all sites and activities tourists normally do with certain conditions, such as going only to places that are Pandemic Certified.

Recently, they were able to get COVID-19 vaccines when they arrive, taking advantage of vaccines that are about to expire and could not be utilized otherwise.

The Taiwan tourists joining this travel bubble are given a $50 cash voucher to use when they get to Palau and will only pay $50 for vaccination service and the vaccine itself is free. 

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