Taiwan health specialists are in Palau to conduct a five-day medical mission starting yesterday, November 4.

The Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps (TRMPC) arrived on October 28 to provide free health services such as general clinic and prenatal checkups, Orthopedics services, internal medicine, dental services, and acupuncture, among others.

Doctor Cho-Tsai Chang said that this is the first time that TRMPC conducts this mission here but he said that if they will receive a great demand from the public to do this again in the country, then they might come back again in the future.

The first two days of the mission is conducted at the Civic Center in Koror and will move to the Southern Community Health Center (SCHC) in Peleliu on November 6, the Northern Community Health Center (NCHC) in Ngarchelong on November 7, and to the Community Health Center II in Airai on November 8.

Steven Kang of the Republic of China – Taiwan embassy in Palau said that the TRMPC is a non-government organization in Taiwan that is experienced in disaster relief and also conducts monthly missions in remote villages.

They also had already serviced Africa in the past.