Taiwan’s Vice President Dr. Lai Ching-te, lauded Palau for its support of democracy, freedom and human rights and pledged to work closely with Palau on future collaborations to support democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Arriving in Palau yesterday with a 124-member delegation, Vice President Lai Ching-te reciprocated the recent state visit made by President Surangel Whipps Jr. to Taiwan this October.

In his remarks to Palau’s leadership yesterday inside the national capitol, Vice President Lai noted many common ties between the two countries, including sharing the same ocean and similar values of democracy and freedom.

Recognizing Palau’s congress efforts to support Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, Vice President Lai cited many Palau resolutions supporting Taiwan’s international participation in organizations such as Interpol, WHO, ICAO, and others of great importance.

Vice President Lai arrived with a delegation of government dignitaries, key tourism and travel industry players in Taiwan, Palau’s honorary citizen Chairman Eugene Wu of Shin Kong Hospital and Shin Kong staff, aquaculture experts, famous Taiwan baseball players, and a 25-member media entourage.

Also accompanying Vice President Lai is former Taiwan Ambassador to Palau Wallace Chow, who took the post of Director-General of East Asian Affairs of his country.

Tasked by Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen, Vice President Dr. Lai Ching-tse’s visit also promotes two-way tourism between the two countries.

After meeting with Palau’s leadership, Vice President Lai and his delegation joined in the groundbreaking ceremony for the road project connecting the Ngerulmud Capitol to the East Coast Dispensary, a project funded by the Taiwan Stimulus grant of 2022.

The short visit will include a rock island tour, a visit to Taiwan Technical Mission, and Belau National Hospital. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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