Belau National Hospital

Wanfang Hospital, a leading medical institution in Taiwan, sent a delegation to Palau from 8th March to 11th March 2023 to further their collaboration efforts with the country’s healthcare sector.

Led by Vice President Huang Chun-Jen and Dr. Chen Chin-I, the delegation visited Palau’s Ministry of Health and Human Services, Belau National Hospital and several clinics to gain a better understanding of Palau’s healthcare needs. The visit not only provides an opportunity for knowledge exchange but also highlights the importance of international cooperation in healthcare. During the visit, they also renewed their memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Healthcare Fund and agreed to provide better rate and accommodations for patients who need medical treatment in Taiwan further strengthens the collaboration efforts between the two countries.

Wanfang Hospital is a leading medical institution in Taiwan that has earned a reputation for excellence in medical research and providing high-quality healthcare services. It is well known for providing excellent and high quality of medical services, especially cardiovascular treatment, kidney transplantation, bariatric surgery, and cancer treatment. Notably, Wanfang Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the world to provide hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) for peritoneal carcinomatosis. As part of the Taipei Medical University Healthcare System, the hospital is committed to promoting international cooperation in healthcare and has established partnerships with healthcare institutions in various countries, including the Sao Tome and Principe, Republic of Somaliland, Kingdom of Eswatini, Myanmar, Vietnam, Honduras and Mongolia.

Wanfang Hospital’s commitment to international cooperation and dedication to advancing healthcare services have made it a key player in the global healthcare industry. The hospital continues to explore new opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange to promote the development of healthcare services worldwide.

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