A Palauan national identified as Mike Taman escorted by Philippine operatives during his arrest at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines. (Screenshot from video by Ernie Manio/ABS-CBN News): File Photo

Mike Taman who allegedly attempted to bring methamphetamine in Palau is scheduled for arraignment and pre-trial conference for June 28 in Philippines, according to his lawyer.

Palauan Defense Attorney Joshnson Toribiong visited Philippines to check on the wellbeing of Taman and help provide a Filipino attorney for Taman.

Toribiong said that most attroney’s he approached were hesitant to take up a drug related case as Philippines is known for the strict policies on Drugs. However, he managed to find a Filipino attorney to represent Taman.

In the documents accessed by the Island Times, David Yap who is representing Taman in court stated that Taman was first scheduled to appear before the court on June 14. However, telephonic confirmations by the Filipino authorities were negative concerning his whereabouts as he was last reported to be transferred to a detention facility in Camp Bagong Diwa, Tanguig City.

Yap later managed to visit Taman along with Moses Uludong and confirmed Taman’s wellbeing, stated that he is in good shape and has better facilities. Yap also mentioned that Taman managed to communicate with his wife.

Taman is currently charged under the Dangerous Drugs Law of Philippines. This is specifically the “transportation of dangerous drugs.” The 45.28 grams of meth that Taman was allegedly carrying is considered to be commercial quantity and not consumption quantity in the Philippines.

There is no bail allowed for Taman, however, his attorney Yap has filed a petition for bail. If Taman is convicted of the crime, he will have to face life imprisonment under the country’s law. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)