Photo credit: Ministry of Education

Teachers of the Year 2021 recognized at the 27th Education Convention this year.  They are Ms. Floria Kambalang of Kayangel JFK Elementary School, Mr. Sngebard Delong of Palau High School who is also the overall winner of the Teacher of the Year award. Other teachers of the year awardees include  Ms. Rachel Hosei of Peleliu Elem. School, Ms. Iris Ngiramengior of Ngeremlengui Elem. Sch., Ms. Daudelil Yakuchil of Ngardmau Elem. School, Ms. Amanda Shiro of Ngarchelong Elem. Sch., Ms. Freda Harvey of Ngaraard Elem. Sch., Ms. Vanessa Miguel of Maris Stella School, Ms. Fauna Temarsel of Mindzenty High School, Ms. Jessica Sumor of Meyuns Elem. Sch., Ms. Evelyn Adelbai of Melekeok Elem., Ms. Kabidor Taima of Koror Elem. Sch., Ms. Melinda Subediang of Ibobang Elem. Sch., Mr. Joyner Tutii of G.B. Harris Elem. Sch., Ms. Happy Gay Torres of Emmaus Bethania High school, Ms. Adhem Rose Secuya of Belau Modekngei School, Ms. Maria Takisang of Angaur Elem. School, Ms. Kayleen Joseph of Airai Elem. Sch., and Mr. Herson Soaladaob of Aimeliik Elem. Sch.

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