Team Guam-Dodgers won the 3rd game against Team Palau, 5 to 2, to win the 2nd Independence Day Baseball Classic on Saturday night.  The game was moved to Saturday night after a powerline transformer exploded at Malakal on Thursday night, causing an islandwide power outage.

Team Palau won the first two games with scores of 5 to 1 in the first and 6 to 2 in the second.

Team Guam-Dodger came back in the last three games with a hidden power pitcher, a 31-year-old Peter Perez, a former Guam Little League player whose team went to the world series and who has also played for US baseball minor league for the Atlanta Braves.

Perez’s fast pitch threw Team Palau, securing the wins for Team Guam-Dodgers. 

The friendly game is part of the Independence Day celebration through the invitation of Palau Major League to Guam Major League.  This was the second time for Team Guam-Dodgers to participate in Palau’s Independence Day Baseball Classic.  The first participation was in the 2021 Independence Day Baseball Classic.

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