By: L.N. Reklai

Pacific islands have been bearing the brunt of the climate change impact on their environment including their fresh water supply, food production, health, homes and more.  New technological innovations showcased during the recently concluded PALM 8 Summit can provide new solutions for the suffering island countries.

An Economic Forum held between Japanese business innovators and the Pacific island leaders featured some of these innovations that can be utilized in remote island locations as well as larger island countries in the Pacific.

Mobil medical containers by Sony Business Solutions Corporation provide complete health service facility in a mobile container that can be deployed into rural areas or outlying islands that have limited medical facilities.  This product garnered a great deal of interest from the island leaders as many of their smaller remote islands are lacking in proper medical facilities.

“Indoor Farming” or newer version of hydroponic agriculture system provide a “high density vertical hydroponic system” using LED lights is a product of Toyo Seikan Group.  The system addresses food security in areas where land is no longer fertile or has been affected by rising sea level.

The product can be scaled up or down depending on the demand and can be easily assembled anywhere, guaranteeing food source for areas with limited arable land.

Pacific island leaders expressed strong interest in these new technologies and some of the island countries have already invited the businesses to visit their countries and explore the possibility of employing the technology in their countries.

President Remengesau also expressed interest in the mobile medical containers as possible answer to Palau’s desire to bring the medical dispensaries to the people.

He also expressed interest in deploying the new type of renewable energy generator utilizing magnets as way to address power issues in Palau’s smaller outlying islands.

Advancements in technological innovations may hold solutions for many Pacific countries impacted by climate change.