President Surangel Whipps Jr. is asking the Senate to confirm the reappointment of Okada Techitong as a board member of the Financial Institution Commission ( FIC) .

In a letter to the Senate in December, President Whipps reappointed former lawmaker Techitong to the board for another three-year term.

Whipps said Techitong has been a member of the FIC since 2009 and his reappointed will be his fourth term as a member of the board.

According to the FIC website, Techitong served as the FIC  chair of the board  and had served a long tenure as a Delegate for the State of Ngatpang,  

Techitong served as former Minister of Commerce and Trade, serving under Presidents Etpison  and  Nakamura, and “has had a very notable career in the Trust Territory Government prior to coming to Palau in the early Trust Territory days to help manage and operate the Western Caroline Trading Company.”

Techitong is now serving as chair of the Belau Offshore  Fishers Inc. which he has held since 2020.

“I am confident that his experience and institutional knowledge make him well-qualified candidate for board membership,” Whipps told the Senate.

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