Supporting sustainable mangrove crab farming

By: L.N. Reklai

February 8, 2017- His Excellency Thanatip Upatising, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to the Republic of Palau with his delegation is in Palau on a follow up visit to his commitment in assisting Palau’s aquaculture industry.


The Ambassador expressed their government’s support of aquaculture cooperation between Thailand and Palau. The Royal Thai Embassy  delegation brought with them necessary equipment to put up a pilot Mangrove Crab bank project, including four cages and fish nets.

Ambassador Upatising with his delegation met Minister Umiich Sengebau of MNRET to discuss the crab bank system utilizing Palau’s natural mangrove areas.

Minister Sengebau says he looks forward to utilizing the system that produces more crab yields and significantly reduces mortality rates in crab eggs and hatchlings, stating that “Palau’s pristine mangrove areas would stage successful crab yielding projects due to their nutrient-rich environment.

“This project has great potential and we are excited to work with Ambassador Upatising and his team to initiate the first Crab Bank Projects,” says Minister Sengebau.

Ambassador Upatising visited Palau in October 2016 and took the opportunity to visit some of the largest Mangrove Crab farms in Palau. In his visit, he saw that Palau has some of the most nutrient-rich mangroves in the world and that they could assist Palau’s farmers in increasing their harvest yield to 10,000 crabs per 1 million eggs. With 1 crab laying 1 million eggs per season, the Thailand team is eager to come back to Palau for further engagement and study with Palau’s farmers and help the industry grow. The delegation is due back for farm studies in February 2017 and present methods and opportunities to Palau farmers at no initial cost.

President Remengesau expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Upatising for following through with the assistance requested by Palau the last time the two spoke in October. “Palau is moving forward with its investments in sustainable Agri and Aquaculture and we thank the Ambassador and his delegation for helping in this priority industry for Palau. We certainly look forward to these pilot projects and working together to enhance sustainability in Palau’s Aquaculture and make available the best opportunities for our farmers to succeed in such a lucrative industry,” says President Remengesau. [/restrict]