Sometime ago I walked out onto the balcony from my diminutive room.  It was clear that night so I leaned over and looking up at the great river of the Milky Way.  It wasn’t like looking up from Taoch ra Oikull el diak a chimol cholbidl ra rael. But it was up there. Sometimes I look at the stars and wonder. How old is the universe?   

[restrict] All kinds of estimates have been made and, as far as we can tell, not one is accurate.  All we know is that once upon a time or, rather once before time, Christ called everything into being in a great breadth of creativity.   I once said to my granddaughter who was barely two that the same water that was created in the beginning has been recycling since.  I think I was talking to myself.  She looked at me pensively and smiled.  Sometimes later as I was pouring water into a glass, my granddaughter in her own language pointed to the water and said something only God understood.  And she began to laugh.  When I sat down she jumped on my lap and raised her hands.  That was our sign to sing.  So I sang our song, “All hail King Jesus, All hail Emmanuel, King of kings, Lord of lords bright Morning Star.  And through all eternity I will praise him.  And we’ll reign with Him throughout eternity.

The universe, especially the Milky Way like a River of Milk brings priceless memories.  So bathed in God’s love I went into my room to bed, listening to the crickets singing through the night.

When we were little children we thought that when the sun goes down, it dropped into the western horizon with a big boom as it disappears in the west.  We would lay down on our tummies on the dock with our ears glued to the ground waiting to hear sound of the sun falling.  I swear I heard the boom.  LOL.  At the foot of the ramp, the ocean waves came in and out into the sea.  A rhythm that I can never forget. I can actually close my eyes and hear it. On both sides of the lagoon, the mangroves were filling with water as the tide came in.  That’s when we start heading home.

Sometime ago, I went to Btelul a Chang er Ngermetengel and watch the bright orange and yellow ball of fire falling down in the western horizon. The man made beach along the edge in front of the Old Age Center is so beautiful. Little gazebos lining the edge of the ground seemed to be guarding the place.  As we walk down the incline, the sand is soft and deep, for the tides do not reach this high and it gets wet only when it rains. I feel safe standing watch the same sun going down still beautiful as when I was a child.  Only this time I do not wait for the boom as it falls down into the sea.  The little island with a perfect round window I like to call an OK Yuns still stands.

Reflecting on my surrounding I wondered why we fight over pieces of land that we can’t take with us to the other world. [/restrict]