Recognizes Alomar Kumangai for Completion of K9 Training Course

On Friday, August 13, 2021, the BCBP recognized Mr. Alomar Kumangai for his deeds and accomplishments for the period from June 01, 2021 till August 09, 2021. Kumangai was recognized and issued a Certificate of Completion for the three month K9 Training Course that he completed as a handler and for his exceptional work that was demonstrated during that period of time. According to Mayer Julius, OIC of the Drug Detector Dog Unit, Kumangai demonstrated the highest level of unwavering commitment, selfless dedication to duty and exceptional service to our mission. The luncheon meeting today involved law enforcement coming together not just to discuss matter of importance but, along with the Director of the Bureau of Public Safety and the Narcotics Enforcement Agency (NEA), whom we work closely together in joint operations to deter drugs and other crimes, we were able to take the time to recognize and appreciate Kumangai’s level of service to Palau. While our plans were to hire Kumangai upon completion of this program, he decided to focus on his education in Hawaii at UH Hilo. Kumangai was able to work with Customs under the WIOA program and again, Customs would like to thank him for his valued efforts, collaborative team effort and dedication to the program. We can only wish him our very best and hope he can use the skills that he learned to better his life.

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