“Until you make unconscious conscious they will control your life, and you will call it fate.” -CARL JUNG

Pursuing spiritual maturity while ignoring deep wounds of your childhood is like walking on a treadmill while eating a box of peanut butter cookies. You’re not going to experience what’s possible. Many asks God to grow them while neglecting issues of their own hearts. Doesn’t work. To decry the need to heal our past shame and fears, claiming its all been done away with at the cross, is a spiritual scarcity.  Not unless you name each part of your brokenness, they remain there in your unconscious mind.  And as Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” 

You have the power to change your thought life by paying attention to your mind and emotions.

James writes, “Therefore confess your sins to one another so that you may be healed… ” (5:16)  Confess your fears, your shame, your anger, your resentment and bittèrness and be free.  This is a lifelong process.  It’s not an overnight thing.  When we believe we’re fixed we can be so arrogant, judgmental and contemptuous like the older brother of the Prodigal Son.

Yesterday I confessed to a friend that I’m still projecting some of my issues on others.  He confessed that he’s still comparing himself with others.  These come from childhood shame and fear of not good enough like your neighbors. 

Personally I would hope I’m maturing, but have I arrived? Not a chance.

Spiritual growth is a lifelong process. It has something to do with what St Paul called sanctification that begins after  justification through faith in Christ.

The process of becoming more holy which simply means to get ‘set apart’. Basically, it means you’re different than you were. And that process continues until you die.

Compare yourself with who you were yesterday.

Discipline ourselves is renewing our mind that we are genuine in pursuing self-acceptance. This is the mystery of transformation. Before you know it,  growth has taken place and surprises you with joy. You don’t even realize it. If you pay attention your inner dialog ceased to hinder your maturity. That’s peace.

When you understand  sanctification process you find  yourself kinder to yourself and others. The fact that no one is perfect becomes a reality. We don’t use it as a defense but belief in action. We become less judgmental. This encourages us to forgive totally. So we can be less judgmental with a compassionate heart. 

Your heart matters to God. And his goodness runs after you. #

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