Photo: JAF Members, Principal Patricia Franz and JAF Education Winner Mr. Buku R.

Ngermetengel, Ngeremlengui – The James Amboi Foundation is pleased to announce that Mr. Aresson Bukurrou “Buku” Reyers is the recipient of this year’s JAF Education Scholarship.
The JAF officers and members would like to congratulate Mr. Reyers on receiving the JAF Scholarship of five hundred dollars ($500) and hope this scholarship opens the gateway to bright future. The JAF Scholarship will help me financially and give me motivation to pursue higher education and return to help build my home state of Ngeremlengui, said Buku.
Buku who will be promoted to 9th grade was chosen among the five eighth graders who applied for this scholarship. The JAF Education Scholarship award was presented to Buku at the Ngeremlengui Elementary School’s Promotional Day on May 18, 2021.
The winner of the JAF Education Scholarship is the student who demonstrates most improvements. The JAF officers and members use various criteria to evaluate the student who demonstrates improvement over his/her tenure at Ngeremlengui Elementary School. These criteria include grade point average, essay, behavior, recommendation letter, participation in school and community events, school attendance and residency in Ngeremlengui State.
JAF Scholarship is an established financial program that supports a graduating student who demonstrates improvement in education and social skills throughout his/her tenure at the Ngeremlengui Elementary School. The JAF scholarship was created to memorialize the legacy of late James Amboi Franz, who began his education career in 1961 and became principal of Ngeremlengui Elementary School from 1989 until his retirement.

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