State Rangers from the state of Kayangel attended a half day workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to update them on the newly adopted fisheries regulations and the proper procedure of approaching suspected violators. The 4 rangers that were present also learned the importance of knowing their rights and authority and the importance of following the proper procedures to ensure that that they are properly enforcing their laws.

[restrict] The Kayangel rangers and members of the NRFM team then conducted a community meeting to update the locals of the newly enacted fisheries rules and regulations. The new regulations will require everyone to obtain a fishing permit from the state depending on the type of fishing that they want to do. It also designates certain areas (zones) were certain activities are prohibited.

This valuable workshop opportunity was made possible through the partnership with Then Nature Conservancy, Palau Conservation Society, and the Division of Fish and Wildlife. As the states continue to strengthen and improve their enforcement capabilities it is important that they are given proper training and support. The workshop is part of the Northern Reef Fisheries Management (NRFM) Projects’ effort to build enforcement capacity to ensure that the Rangers from the two States possess the necessary skills to effectively and safely carry out their duties to protect and enforce their marine regulations.[/restrict]