On August 3, 2016, the committee to advance Responsible Tourism in Palau met with the Palau Governor’s Association to update them on the progress of this campaign. Responsible Tourism is defined as tourism that satisfies tourists, maintains or enhances the destination environment and benefits the destination’s residents. Tourism is Palau’s leading industry and provides jobs and revenue for the Republic.


The basis of that tourism is Palau’s magnificent environment and a responsible tourism framework is the way to ensure that Palau continues to have a profitable and sustainable tourism industry. However, responsible tourism principles must be adopted at the state level in order for it to work. The governors confirmed their support for a responsible tourism framework and agreed that our tourism industry must be operated in a sustainable and responsible manner to ensure that tourism benefits spread to everyone. They also stressed that because Palau is such a small place, Palauan’s should also act responsibly when conducting their tourism business, as anything negative they do individually will also impact our tourism industry as a whole.

The Responsible Tourism campaign is a partnership between the Bureau of Tourism, Palau Visitors’ Authority, Palau International Coral Reef Center, Palau Conservation Society, Melekeok State Government and Koror State Government.  This campaign is supported by a grant from The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. [/restrict]