Design is so simple that’s why it is so complicated. ~PAUL RAND

I’ve been wondering what did God mean when he told Rebecca of the twins she was carrying.  “The two nations are in your womb, rivals in the womb… and the older will serve the young.” GENESIS 25:23 (NLT). He was talking about Esau and Jacob,  the twins. I’ve researched this one particular text for years. Ive heard many talks and teaching about it. Some were so literal it bored me. Just as I did with the Sermon on the Mount. Some things are just too mysterious and unclear to my finite mind. It takes patience and perseverance for us truth seekers.  Many times we have to table our researches to rest our eyes. We then go back with fresh eyes. 

Here’s what I learned about what it meant for the older to serve the younger. It’s quite beautiful. And it makes sense to me. It’s not disrespectful too.  Our belief system calls our physical birth, our first birth. Then you come to Christ and second birth takes place, – our spiritual birth. One thing I know is what I’m saying here can sound foolish to those who do not believe. I used to think that way so I understand.  It’s quite alright.

Our soul is made up of Mind, Emotions, and Will. Our grand will according to Thomas Aquinas, is our calling that comes with our second birth. It is also our spiritual gift or gifts. Therefore our older self (our soul) serves the younger (our spirit). Your spirit will lead your soul.

About 25 years ago, I was speaking to a group of post grad students.  I was afraid because they were brilliant young people working on their Masters degrees and PhDs.  As I stood there looking at them I realized my calling – my grand will was teaching and counseling. I began nervously.  About five minutes into it, I felt relaxed.  It changed my whole perspective and outlook in life. They say that when you find something you love doing, you’ll never work for the rest of your life.  So before that, it was all about my education, my resume and my standing in the community. My grand will set me free from being a performer to being a worker for my God  my Higher Power, my LORD.

Writing is joy not because of how you receive it but how I feel writing.  If I worry about how it will be received then I’ve left my  grand will and now focused on the readers (and their opinions). The paradox is the more I let go the more I’m motivated, inspired, with awakened imagination and instinctiveness. I’m free to be as how I was born to be.  My first will helped my grand will to cone through.

FREEDOM.was designed to be so simple that’s why we find it so complicated.

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