On April 27, the vessel with sanitary liquid concentrate and spray bottles arrived in Palau through the assistance of Japanese private companies. Mr. Fuji, working for Koror State Government, initiated this project and some Japanese companies showed their willingness to cooperate with him for the residents in Palau due to its shortage of sanitary supplies under the threat of COVID-19.

The handover ceremony took place at Koror State Solid Waste Management Office on May 6. His Excellency KARASAWA Akira, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Palau, and some national and Koror State key counterparts were present to welcome this assistance at the ceremony.

This sanitary liquid concentrate is 100 times denser than the normal sanitizers are, hence, Mr. Fuji and the people assisting him will dilute the liquid concentrate with water to make the disinfectants to be used. The total volume of ten tons of disinfectants will be divided and distributed to every household in all the states of Palau, beginning in Koror.

The Embassy of Japan hopes this assistance will bring about more safety and health to the residents in Palau.

The Embassy of Japan acknowledges the following companies, association and individuals for their commitments and assistance: NBK CORPORATION, MORIMOTO CORPORATION, NPO Glasscraft Association, Misawa Trust Investment Inc., AMITA Holdings Co., Ltd., Kyowa Shipping Company, Hayashi Corporation, Mr. Katsuo Fuji, Mr. Kyosei Nozawa, Ms. Sonomi Shirasaki and Mr. Tadashi Takashima.