The Ministry of Education has finalized its plans for the remainder of the school year by way of an official memorandum on May 4th.

In the Memorandum it states that all schools will continue with online learning until May 15th. Each school will announce an appropriate date for report card distribution for 1st to 7th graders.

A special luncheon will be held for all 8th Graders at their respective schools to celebrate their achievements and promotion to high school. Additionally, dates have been set for each school’s luncheon.

Outlying schools will be the first to have their luncheon on May 18th.  Schools in Babeldaob will have their luncheon on May 19th. The central schools will have theirs last on May 20th.

Palau High School will still have its graduation on May 21st at Palau Track and Field starting at 9am. Discussions are currently underway to make sure that preventative measures for mass gatherings are incorporated in the planning and in place for the ceremony.  Ceremony is planned to be 1 and ½ hour long.