by Alonzo Kahalic

Dear Editor,

Continuing from last month’s article about questions, here are several questions for our President and his Minister.

Palau is such a small place to start pointing fingers at people about their wrong doings. So why have you Mr. President and the board of WIOA pointed fingers? It has been a year and you have your people working in the WIOA office, they might be doing a pretty good job but what about the people who you and the board accused of doing something wrong to the people’s money? Where are the chargers that say they did this? You know its just a small thing but before you think you know everything, talk to people first get to know them before you accuse them.

If there are no charges be a man and publicly say so or publicly tell the SP to charge them and get this over with. When you make statements that WE might have stolen or did not do OUR jobs that is questioning OUR reputation and when you don’t correct it then it’s like it’s still true when it not. Just like when you mixed up the story of the snake from Elechui and didn’t even correct it then you’re just showing your ideocratic side, sorry I meant your lack of understanding things in Palau, even though you were born and raised here. Palauan’s are not just focused only on money, which you seem to be, but WE are focused on our name and reputation. And, if you don’t get that then it’s always been about money first.

This leads to the 2nd question. Why does the SP only point fingers at former Governors and not looking at other government leaders?

Just ask her to look into your minister’s behavior when he was/still the chair of PVA, why is it that he used a private payment program to create a program to pay for things using a card and not create one that was whole owned by PVA? Is this why you were so focused on the “taiwan bubble” that never saw anything come out of it? Finally, why did he say YOU do not want a PVA board and then 5 months later you appoint 3 new board members? Again, if its Palauan’s first then be a professional and write letters to people thanking them for their service and say we are going in a different direction. Don’t be like every other politician who speaks from both side of his arse. I have given you enough benefit of doubt because your new but after one year of service I am worried what will happen in the next 3 years. I don’t know if you and your minister are eejit or a gobshites? But I do know you both are selfish people who only do things for themselves. Like the state of Israel, “Never Again” is my motto.

Yes, these are bad statements, just like you and your Minister’s behavior about WIOA, shutting down a whole ministry about culture and yet you’re lacking in culture, kind of ironic isn’t it. Getting rid of or losing key people from agriculture, energy, and tax are just as bad as saying somebody did something wrong without showing it. Sometimes you are just too smart for your own good, just like your minister and advisor from PCC. It’s okay PCC is another conversation.

Your Humble Servant

Al Kahalic 

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