The Drifting Ship

While many might presume the history of Japan – Palau relations began about 100 years ago with Japan’s administration over the islands after World War I, the encounter actually dates back to exactly 200 years ago.

It is not widely known that a Japanese ship named the Jinja Maru drifted and reached the shore of Palau in February 1821. This historical event marked the beginning of the relationship between the two countries.

In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the friendship between Japan and Palau, Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Palau is pleased to release the animated video “The Tale of the Jinja Maru, the Drifting Ship.” This video vividly depicts the shipwreck of the Jinja Maru that drifted to Palau in 1821 and the interaction between the crew of the ship and the islanders for four years.

Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Palau is releasing this video as the first part of Japan Fair, which will be held online this year.

Please enjoy “The Tale of the Jinja Maru, the Drifting Ship” with the link below. You can also find the video on Embassy’s YouTube channel.

It is hoped that this video will contribute to enhancing the understanding of the close relationship between Palau and Japan, as well as to deepening further their friendship and goodwill.

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